The Horgans's Transformation
Vero Beach, Florida 5/2005 - 6/2007

Another wonderful transformation

BEFORE: Prune to salvage but remove hurricane damage of 2004

AFTER: Gardenia is to add focal point not a visual screen.

BEFORE: May 2006 - Mature Hamelia Patens Trimmed too tight

AFTER: May 2007 mature Hamelia Privacy screen

BEFORE: Needs focal point to detract from service area

AFTER: Forced Selloum down, plant Breynia as focal point

BEFORE: June 2005 Has potential to be a sanctuary if allowed to fill space

AFTER: Tree form Hamelia Patens for shade and to hide fence and roof tops

BEFORE: May 2005

AFTER: May 2007 Hid storage shed


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