The Mulheren's Transformation
Savannah, Georgia - 2/2008

BEFORE: Air conditioner, urns, lattice over windows, azaleas in foreground.

AFTER: Moved azaleas to background, air conditioner under stairway,
converted Night Blooming Jasmine and Alocasia bed sitting area,
removed lattice from windows and applied fresh paint.

BEFORE: 16 inch column base, Cherokee Rose in lattice,
flood lights, pool liner and transformer.

AFTER: Removed lattice from Cherokee rose, the transformer,
flood lights and pool liner.

BEFORE: Jasmine cover on the top half of the lattice is top heavy.
Plants around table are overpowering and cluttered.

AFTER: Forced down the jasmine to keep privacy screen at eye level.

AFTER: Another angle of the courtyard.

AFTER: Repaired Koi pond.

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